January 29, 2014

Thomas Alva Edison: The first Agilist

Thomas Alva Edison said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." 
I am wondering he might be the first person who practiced Agile, because agile says the same thing "Fail often, fail early". 

What does that means?

You should 'Be Agile' means 'Very Responsive', the ability to do things lively, being agile helps you to respond quickly. Agile promotes Adaptability, Simplicity, Transparency, Quick & Small iterations, Face-to-face Conversations, Retrospectives and Welcome Changes. 

I have always been amazed with agile principles and practices. It has changed my way of thinking, my way of doing things. Today all those principles and practices are my habit.I think the real meaning of self-organized agile team, is the ability to practice agile as habit. Being agile I learned that, if you are doing something to its best, still there is a scope to improvise it.  

October 31, 2011

Using Facebook Apps in Social Media Marketing

Nowadays Social Media has emerged as most discussed topic in our era. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more out there. People, Celebrities, Corporates, Brand Products are very active in these medias. Social Media Marketing has made a big difference over traditional marketing. Facebook Pages are one among them playing key role in this evolution. Have you ever wondered how following companies have done this?

Pepsi Monster

The answer is simple, Facebook Apps.

April 28, 2011

Practice writing clean code - 10 Tips

How many of us have written clean code always?

Clean code!!!... ahhh am not going to write that. Most of us tends to write bad code. I was also like that and used to write bad code. Often this happen when we are in a hurry to finish something (ha ha always, Right?).

Yes, we are always in a hurry and write bad code. No wonder in getting surprises in production.